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We see ourselves as manufacturer-independent machine scouts. What does that mean? We are specialized in finding individual solutions for the packaging of large and small, light and heavy products as well as solid, liquid and powdered materials. We develop whole packaging lines or, depending on your requirements, we will find the individual, adequate machine for packing your product. We are scouts who suggest you the right way.

The founders of arobatec have more than 15 years of experience in the packaging industry and mechanical engineering, before they have become self-employed. They are former executives of a company specializing in welding processes of plastic films. As engineers they have an enormous technical know-how and the experience to control and implement projects.

arobatec knows the problems of complex medical and pharmaceutical applications with functional welding seams (including validation). The team also has detailed experience with dusty and fibrous raw materials and products, especially as well as the requirements for explosion protection. arobatec also has a wide range of customers, for example in the peat and building industry as well as in the food industry.